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Just Breathe with Natasia

The Give Back

The Give Back

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Looking for a meaningful gift? "The Give Back" is a gift card designed for someone special who could benefit from a completely personalized 60-minute guided session. Whether it's for relaxation, personal growth, or support, this session provides a thoughtful and practical way to show you care.

With "The Give Back," your loved one can book a session that suits their needs, giving them the opportunity to recharge and focus on their well-being. It's a simple yet impactful way to give back to those who matter most to you.

No frills, just genuine care.

  • Redeemable for a completely personalized 60-minute guided session of their choice
  • Flexible scheduling to fit their needs
  • A perfect gift for anyone needing a little extra support or relaxation

Show your support with "The Give Back."

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