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Unleash Your Breath, Unleash Your Power.  We're on a mission to make every breath count, crafting a journey of

 well-being, one intentional breath at a time.

Tash Unplugged: Your Breathwork Ally

Hey there, I'm Natasia or just Tash—your go-to guide for all things breathwork and mindfulness. I've been on this zen journey for 5 years (and counting), and yes, I've mastered the art of not falling asleep during meditation (most of the time).

After a year of working with awesome clients, I've witnessed firsthand the magical transformations that can happen when you mix a bit of breath, a dash of meditation, and a sprinkle of my weird sense of humor. I'm on a mission to spread good vibes and make the world a calmer, happier place—one deep breath at a time. Let's laugh, breathe, and navigate the chaos together! 🌬️✨